Germany legally recognises Intersex people

From the 1st of January 2019 German citizens are able to identify as Intersex on legal documents providing you have medical certification.
This is a step forward for the intersex community following the option to be “diverse” was provided after a ruling from the Federal Court Of Justice in 2013.

The movement also made progress following a case bought forward by an intersex activist. It was deemed unconstitutional for a person to be forced to identify as either male of female in 2017 and parliament was given until 2018 to change the law.

Intersex people are born with both male and female biological traits, or they may develop later in life. There is no one cause for intersex development, it may happens due to a change in chromosomes or a variation in hormone levels, It may also occur during genital formation.

It is estimated that 0.5 – 1.7% of the worlds population is born with intersex features.

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